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Australians are regarded as adventurous people that are always filled with wanderlust, and if recent research is anything to go by, this legend is only set to grow. The Australian Bureau of Statistics revealed that 31 in every 100 Aussies travel overseas each year for vacation, to visit family and friends, or for business purposes.

The average age of the most frequent travellers is between 50 to 54 years, and here are the most popular destinations:


This gorgeous Indonesian island is home to a unique landscape that consists of ancient rice paddies, volcanic mountains, and stunning beaches. Below, coral reefs surround the island, while the prehistoric temples dotted around give visitors a real sense of the local culture.


Similar to Bali, Singapore is an island off southern Malaysia but with a more cosmopolitan feel in comparison and with huge buildings.


This slice of paradise is famous for its pristine beaches, which are lined with lush palm trees and a characteristically rugged landscape. It’s the place to go if you’re looking for complete relaxation and luxury.


India is known for its iconic temples and eclectic culture. Most visitors travel there for the unique experience of its retreats and ashrams, or to enjoy the unique food, scenery, and culture.


For most Aussies, a European summer holiday is not complete without a visit to the city of love (Paris) in France. Apart from its picturesque and well-preserved architecture, France has plenty to offer in terms of culture, gastronomy, art, and history.


China offers a unique combination of cosmopolitan glamour and natural beauty, as well as a rich culture that can still be felt in the country’s architecture, fashion, and art.


Whether you want to tick the Berlin Wall off your bucket list, or you are looking to enjoy the beautiful landscape and unique art, there is so much to see and do in Germany that you can spend an entire season just exploring the capital alone.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka continues to grow in popularity as a sought-after holiday destination and it’s not hard to see why. The ancient capital of Anuradhapura alone boasts ruins and megaliths that trace their roots to 2,000 years ago, while the diversity of the scenery ranges from arid plains to lush rainforests and sandy beaches.


As the old saying goes ‘there’s no place like home’, Australia is truly one of the most gorgeous places on planet Earth. It’s a destination that offers a unique experience of nature in the form of its pristine beaches and unique animal species, as well as a lively contemporary culture that truly embraces its people’s eclectic spirit.


No matter where you travel or how long your journey is, it is always wise to buy a travel insurance policy cover that will give you a peace of mind while you enjoy the best of what your destination has to offer.

While most of the countries listed above have very low crime levels, there are still other travelling risks to think about such as petty crime, natural disasters, unexpected illness or accidents that may leave you struggling financially. So, protect yourself from the risks and enjoy your trip worry-free.

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