From the iridescent sunsets of Goa beach to the enchanting beauty of the Taj Mahal, India features so many different elements that it is truly a ‘bucket list destination’ of note. 160,000 Aussies travel to India each year to attend one of its many legendary yoga and wellness retreats, while others make the sojourn to experience its ancient architecture, to spot a few Bollywood stars, or to shop for unique spices and fabrics in Delhi. Australian citizens need an eVisa to enter the country.

However, while you daydream and plan for all the adventures that you’ll be enjoying during your trip, you’ll do well to put aside a little to purchase travel insurance for India. Travel insurance to India covers you for unexpected events like accidents, injuries, unexpected cancellations or natural disasters that might happen during your trip.

Quick Guide


A Visa is required for Australian's before entering India

When to go

The best time to visit India is from October to March


It is recommended that you visit your local GP for advice on vaccinations before going to India

Packing List

Research your destinations weather before packing

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What’s Included

The best travel insurance for India offers a comprehensive cover that includes:

    • Medical Cover – For most foreigners, Delhi belly is a real thing, and it’s often caused by the intense flavors of India. Your travel insurance should cover you for any medical expenses that are incurred as a result of food poisoning, injury or even a minor car crash. It will typically comprise of emergency care cover, dental emergencies, as well as repatriation costs if necessary. Some insurance providers will also offer you the option to access your own Australian-based doctor over the phone to assist in solving your medical issue while in India.
    • Theft or Loss of Luggage or Personal Belongings – Some of the more popular tourist destinations in India have a high crime rate, which mostly consists of petty crimes like pickpocketing. Travel insurance for India will cover you in case you lose your baggage or personal items like a camera, wallet and even your travel documents. This means that you’ll be able to quickly replace any of your lost or stolen items withoutruining your trip.
    • Delays or Cancellations – Your trip may get delayed or cancelled due to natural disasters, unforeseen accidents or illness. Travel insurance cover will reimburse you for cancellation expenses or delayed tours, as well as any other out of pocket expenses that apply in this instance.

What’s not Included

While travel insurance for India is quite comprehensive, there are certain instances that might disqualify you from receiving a payout when you make a claim.

Try and avoid the following to guarantee that you win your claim when the time comes:

      • Riding a Bike without a License or Helmet – Bike riding is quite common in India. With its crowded streets and congested traffic, it’s probably the fastest mode of transport to use during the day. However, if you’re going to ride a bike through India, you may want to make sure that you have the appropriate license for it, and wear appropriate gear like a helmet to avoid getting injured. Keep in mind that travel insurance does not cover reckless driving, or driving without a license or protective gear.
      • Failure to Heed Travel Warnings – India is prone to a fair amount of natural disasters, especially during the rainy season, and they often give out travel warning to travellers so that those who do choose to come, do so at their own risk. Travel insurance will not cover you if it is found that you travelled in spite of travel warnings, as that means that you knowingly put your safety at risk.
      • Personal Liability – India can be a crowded place, and although easygoing, there are certain rules and regulations that foreigners sometimes fail to observe. If you find yourself on the wrong side of the law due to inflicting injury or harm to someone else’s property or their person unknowingly, you’ll be glad to know that your travel insurance will cover any legal expenses that you might incur as a result, as well as an interpreter if needed.
      • Intoxication – You’ll want to put a lid on your level of intoxication while vacationing in India, or you will risk losing your personal liability cover. Travel insurance to India from Australia does not cover any injuries or accidents that happen as a result of extreme intoxication, regardless of whether it is due to alcohol or drugs.

How to Save on Travel Insurance for India

To get the best travel insurance India, you need to be savvy. Compare travel insurance quotes from different insurance providers, and check online insurance comparison sites to get really awesome deals. Another great way of getting affordable travel insurance to India is to get a joint cover, which leads to great savings for couples, groups and families. You can also get annual travel insurance instead of purchasing cover per trip, which is an ideal way to save on the cover if you already know how many times you’ll be travelling to India.

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Different Insurance companies cover different things, find out which companies cover what.

What if I lose my stuff?

Unfortunately in some countries your belongings can go missing, read about each companies claim process.

What if my flight is cancelled?

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