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Who is Travel Insurance Reviews and Why Should I Care?

There are many reasons why you just can’t help but love our service. We are here to save you time, headache, worries, and money when looking for the best travel insurance provider. Yes, we care that much about you.

Whether you book your vacations online or you use a travel agent, travel insurance is a must-have requirement. We live in uncertain times and anything could go wrong on your trip. Natural disasters, medical emergencies, and political mayhem have a way of cropping up when least expected.

Travel insurance makes sense but how do you know which brand suits your travel insurance needs? Simple, read our reviews and compare travel insurance providers to find your best match. We understand the pains and difficulties of finding good travel insurance and we simply want to make your life easier.

True Reviews from Real People

All the reviews you will find here are from real people who bought travel insurance from the companies mentioned. We make sure that you get concrete information straight from the consumer. We love seeing you make an informed decision when purchasing travel insurance.

True Unbiased Reviews

Just like you, we hate sugar-coating important details about the industry. That’s why we publish both positive and negative reviews to help you tell the good from the bad. The reviews cover every important detail about the insurance provider’s service and performance throughout the entire claims process.

Feel Secure While Purchasing Insurance

The confusions, worries, and anxieties of buying travel insurance are huge, especially for first-timers. Read our reviews and buy your next travel insurance with confidence.
Hidden Fees? Not Anymore.

In our philosophy, hidden fees are a scam. We give you a complete breakdown of fees charged by different travel insurance providers. Everything is laid out in the open. You pay exactly what you see here.

We Show You the Best Companies with Great Prices

The goal is to save you time and more importantly money. Let us help you find the best travel insurance prices. Stay updated on the best travel insurance deals on the market today.

Worry No More

We are yet to meet a person who does not love to travel or go on a holiday. Ah, that feeling of freedom you get on a vacation! We’d hate to see anything ruin your great time, which is why we ensure you are well covered in case of the unexpected, and let you concentrate on having fun. We take care of the following what ifs.

What if you got injured on your vacation? No worries, we will help you find a cover for your Overseas Medical Expenses such as ambulance, hospital, evacuation, and doctors.
Loss of Luggage

Airlines are notorious for losing luggage. What if you lose your stuff? Don’t panic. We will suggest you a cover for luggage items at a maximum of $700 per item. You have the option of adding extra cover for those fancy items you may be carrying along.

Flight Cancellation

Flights get cancelled for all sorts of reasons such as bad weather or technical issues. If your flight is cancelled, don’t sweat it. You should get a cover for Additional Expenses resulting from bad weather, riots, employee strikes or civil commotion, and plane hijacks.

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We take care of the what ifs...

Ah, travel. We're all about that feeling of freedom. That's why we're all about covering the random stuff that can go
wrong. So you can be all about the fun.

What if I get injured?

Different Insurance companies cover different things, find out which companies cover what.

What if I lose my stuff?

Unfortunately in some countries your belongings can go missing, read about each companies claim process.

What if my flight is cancelled?

See what other Australian's have to say about each Insurance Companies claim process

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