From its magical shrines and ancient temples to its futuristic architecture, beautiful landscapes and vibrant culture and cuisine, Japan is a gorgeous fusion of sight, sounds, and flavors that attract more than 200,000 Aussies every year. Australian visitors don’t need a visa to visit Japan which is a stunning destination with so much to see and do, that one simply cannot get it all done in one trip. However, Japan is also susceptible to frequent natural disasters, and there’s the issue of radioactivity that continues to linger in certain regions, which makes travel insurance a necessity when travelling to Japan.

In today’s article, we’ve got you covered on all you need to know in order to get the best travel insurance for Japan.

Quick Guide


You must have a Visa before entering Japan

When to go

Late spring (March to May) and late autumn (September to November) are generally the best times to visit Japan


Vaccinations are not required when travelling to Japan

Packing List

Depending where in Japan you are headed, plenty of warm clothing is neccesary

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How to Find the Best Insurance Japan

Regardless of what time of the year you travel to Japan, one thing’s for sure is that you’ll enjoy plenty of adventure and excitement during your trip, with activities like sumo wrestling to martial arts and mountain climbing all available for the taking. However, these adventures come with certain risks that can be exacerbated by the language barrier that exists for English speakers in a country like Japan, and that’s where travel insurance comes in.

The Cost of Japan Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is an essential part of any trip, and the same goes for Japan as well. While most people fear the cost of travel insurance, it actually pales in comparison to the cost of your flights and accommodation, and it’s a small price to pay for the peace of mind that it leaves you with.

The cost of your travel insurance will vary and it depends on a number of factors, such as your age, the duration of your trip and how many people you’re travelling with. For example, according to reliable travel insurance ratings, a young couple travelling to Japan for 10 days can expect to pay $158 for a standard travel insurance cover.

On the other hand, a family of four travelling for the same amount of time can expect to pay on average $165 for a standard cover; whereas the average premium for senior couples staying the same amount of time is $296 for a standard cover. On the other hand, premium cover can cost anything from $210 for singles travelling alone, to $1,030 for senior couples.

Do You Need Travel Insurance for Japan?

Travel insurance is a safety net that covers you in case any unfortunate mishaps happen to you while you’re overseas, and travel insurance for Japan specifically usually covers the following:

    • Cancellations – Anything is possible when you travel, and this includes unexpected illnesses or bad weather conditions that may disrupt your plans to travel to Japan, and the ensuing cancellations can really leave a dent in your pocket if you’re not covered. However, with comprehensive insurance cover, you’ll not only get reimbursed for the cancellation fees and lost deposits but also for any additional out of pocket expenses that you might incur.
    • Delays – You might also experience delays due to tsunamis, earthquakes, typhoons or any of the natural disasters that Mother Nature often inflicts on Japan, causing a damper on your plans through unexpected delays. You travel insurance will cover you for the additional expenses that can result from these delays, including deferred flights and tour plans.
    • Luggage and Personal Items – Although Japan has a relatively low crime rate by Western standards, there are certain tourist attractions that pose a crime risk, so you’ll do well to get travel insurance to cover you in case your possessions get stolen or lost.
    • Medical Expenses – Getting travel health insurance to Japan is a good idea because Japanese private healthcare costs can be quite expensive if you don’t have travel medical insurance Japan. In fact, emergency care alone could cost you as much as $231- upfront! Needless to say, comprehensive travel insurance is a must-have to give you a peace of mind knowing that your medical costs are covered, including medical repatriation expenses if necessary.
    • Snow Sports – Japan is a favorite among avid snowboarders and skiers because of its heavy winter snow, and some people even make the trip to the Japanese Alps an annual event. But, it’s not always fun and games because a significant number of skiers get seriously injured or fatally wounded as a result of snow-related incidents, so you’ll need to get travel insurance for snowboarding Japan. Do keep in mind that skiing and other snow sports are not an integral part of standard Japan travel insurances, so you’ll want to search for an insurance package that specifically covers snow sports to be on the safe side. That said, modern day insurers have some of the best travel insurances for snowboarding in Japan that is uniquely tailored for snowboarders.

What’s not Included

      • Riding a motorcycle recklessly and without a license or helmet
      • Leaving your items unattended
      • Accidents or injuries that happen due to extreme intoxication
      • Engaging in illicit behavior
      • Pre-existing medical conditions

Safety Speed Dial

Below are some helpful contacts to keep with you when you travel to Japan:

    • Australian Embassy Tokyo
      2-1-14 Mita, Minato-ku,
      Phone: 03-5232-4111
    • Australian Consulate
      16F Twin 21 MID Tower, 2-1-61 Osaka
      Phone: 06-6941-9271

What if I get injured?

Different Insurance companies cover different things, find out which companies cover what.

What if I lose my stuff?

Unfortunately in some countries your belongings can go missing, read about each companies claim process.

What if my flight is cancelled?

See what other Australian's have to say about each Insurance Companies claim process

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