Singapore is a thriving metropolis which is characterized by a fast-growing economy and an idyllic location. From the ancient temples and buzzing markets to its iconic gardens, parks, zoos, and even a Universal Studios headquarters, there is plenty to see and do in Singapore. Add to that its spectacular coastline and marina, and you’ve got a knockout destination that attracts more than 1 million Australian tourists each year. Keep in mind that Aussies don’t need a visa when visiting Singapore.

As with any destination, Singapore does come with its fair share of problems, including frequent natural disasters that often wreak havoc on the local landscape, a language barrier and hazardous exploits that are both fun and risky.

So how can you enjoy your holiday in Singapore without worrying about the potential risks? Get travel insurance!

Quick Guide


Depending on how long your stay, you will need a visa when visiting Singapore

When to go

Feb-April: The months between the summers and winters are quite pleasant


No vaccination is needed before going to Singapore

Packing List

Singapore is warm, but be prepared with a spray jacket for the tropical showers

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Travel Insurance Singapore Compare

Getting travel insurance will give you a peace of mind knowing that you’re covered in the event of unfortunate incidents like luggage loss or theft, unforeseen illnesses and accidents, as well as unexpected cancellations. Luckily, there is a wide variety of travel insurance packages to suit different travelers, from young senior couples to business travellers and large families. Below we’re going to give you an example of some of the benefits and costs that you should consider when looking for a travel insurance package.

Cost of Travel Insurance in Singapore

There are different levels of insurance based on factors like your age, reasons for travelling, duration of the trip and other factors. Typically, you can expect to pay anything between $22 to $290 for insurance cover, depending on your preferences and needs.

Here are some package examples:

  • Basic Cover ($20 to $50) – Cheap travel insurance in Singapore is available, as evidenced by the $22 basic policy from Fast Cover, which includes unlimited medical cover.
  • Standard Cover ($30 to $50) – For only $39. 52, you can get unlimited medical cover, $4,000 towards lost or stolen luggage and $5,000 for unexpected trip cancellations, all from Tick’s Standard policy.
  • Premium Cover ($50 to $290) – The All-Inclusive policy from 1Cover costs only $60. 85, at an excess of only $100, and it provides unlimited medical cover and trip cancellation, as well as $15,000 for lost or stolen luggage.

What’s Included

  • Medical – Falling ill or getting injured while overseas can lead to exorbitant costs, and a destination like Singapore has a number of high-risk health factors like malaria, dengue fever, food poisoning and regular traffic accidents that you need to consider. Travel insurance will cover all your medical expenses in case any of these accidents happens to you.
  • Luggage and Personal Belongings – Although Singapore has a relatively low crime rate, there are a few cases of petty crime that pop up every now and then, so you’ll want to have cover so that you can get reimbursed in case your luggage or any personal belongings get stolen or lost.
  • Cancellation Fees – Your travel arrangements could change at the flip of a switch due to extreme weather conditions or natural disasters, and having travel insurance will cover any unexpected changes in your travel plans, including cancellations or delays.
  • Personal Liability – In Singapore, the government is quite strict when it comes to ensuring that everyone abides by the rules, which can be quite conservative. So, it helps to be covered in case you inflict any personal or property damage to someone else while you’re there.
  • Extras–Extras include disability cover, loss of income, car rental access etc. that are worth considering if you have the money for it.

What’s not Included

  • Leaving personal belongings unattended and vulnerable to theft.
  • Illness or injury due to extreme intoxication, either from alcohol or drugs.
  • Failure to observe or heed terrorism and travel warnings before travelling.
  • Engaging in high-risk activities like rock climbing, scuba diving and other adrenaline pumping adventures.
  • Pre-existing health conditions.
  • Lost or stolen items that are left unreported for 24 hours or longer.

How toSave on Your Travel Insurance for Singapore

    • Find the best travel insurance in Singapore by comparing travel insurances using online websites.
    • Purchase an annual travel insurance policy to cover multiple trips throughout the year and save the money you would’ve spent purchasing an individual policy for each trip.
    • Get a joint policy to save even more if you’re travelling as a couple or a group.
    • Pay a higher amount for excess in order to get a lower premium.

Safety Speed Dial

Here are a few contacts that might help you when you travel to Singapore:

    • Australian High Commission (Embassy)
      25 Napier Road
      Singapore 258507
      Telephone: +65 6836 4100
    • Singapore Police Headquarters
      New Phoenix Park
      28 Irrawaddy Road
      Singapore 329560
      Telephone: +65 6353 0000
    • Singapore Tourism Board
      Tourism Court
      1 Orchard Spring Lane
      Singapore 247729
      Telephone: +65 6736 6622

What if I get injured?

Different Insurance companies cover different things, find out which companies cover what.

What if I lose my stuff?

Unfortunately in some countries your belongings can go missing, read about each companies claim process.

What if my flight is cancelled?

See what other Australian's have to say about each Insurance Companies claim process

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