Ever wanted to experience a genuine Thai massage or a visit to a real-life elephant sanctuary? Thailand is the place to go for all of this and more. Thanks to its sunny skies, incredible architecture, rich history, exotic cuisine and legendary nightlife, Thailand attracts as many as 65,000 Aussies to its exquisite shores each year, and visa is not required for Australian citizens.

However, as awesome and amazing as Thailand is, travelling there can pose a risk to your tummy, your wallet, and even your health. But, instead of constantly watching your back, you can still go out there and enjoy Thailand to the fullest with the help of a comprehensive travel insurance package.

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Travel Insurance Thailand Compare

The first thing you want to do when searching for travel insurance is to compare different packages. It doesn’t matter if you’re a senior couple looking for some adventure, a surfer searching for the next big wave or a small family in need of some TLC and local flavor, there is travel insurance cover to suit all your needs. Most policies cover a number of incidents, from luggage theft, unexpected cancellations, illnesses toaccidents, and you should consider these benefits in addition to the cost of your travel insurance when searching for cover, online or otherwise.

Cost of Travel Insurance for Thailand

The price tag of your travel insurance depends on a wide variety of factors, including your age, the reason for travelling and so on, so it’s hard to say but it could range from anywhere between $30 to $250.

Here’s a more detailed outline of travel insurance costs and how they work:

  • Basic Policies ($35 to $50) – For cheap travel insurance Thailand, look no further than the Joey Cover from Kango, which goes for $35 and provides $1.6 million in personal liability and $5 million for medical expenses, all for a $250 excess payment.
  • Standard Policies ($50 to $60) – The standard policy from Fast Cover is an ideal example of a travel insurance policy in this price bracket. It goes for $41 and offers $5 million in personal liability, unlimited cancellation and medical cover, $,2500 cash stipend during medical stays, $5,000 towards your lost or stolen luggage, $2,000 for lost travel documents, $15,000 for accidental death and $32,000 for unexpected travel expenses. All you have to pay is $200 in excess and it’s yours.
  • Premium Policies ($60 to $250) – The comprehensive policy from 1Cover is $68 and includes unlimited cancellations and medical cover, $5,000 cash stipend during hospitalization, $15,000 towards your lost or stolen luggage, $5 million in personal liability, $30,000 for unexpected travel expenses and $2,000 for lost travel documents. The excess on this cover is only $100.

What’s Included

    • Medical – This includes any medical expenses that are caused by sudden illness due to malaria, food poisoning, moped accidents and other incidents.
    • Luggage and Personal Belongings – Over the years, Thailand has seen a rise in petty theft, especially during large scale gatherings in popular backpacker spots, so you’ll want a cover that’ll compensate you in case your luggage gets stolen, lost or is damaged in any way. Some policies even cover the theft of travel documents and reimburse the cash in your lost wallet as well.
    • Cancellation Fees – Thailand is a known hotspot for natural disasters like hurricanes, tsunamis, floods and volcanoes; hence the travel insurance covers unexpected cancellations because of natural disasters or other accidents like hijackings, accidental injuries and severe illness.
    • Personal Liability – This means that in case you injure a person or damage their property while in Thailand, you’ll get reimbursed in order to cover your personal liability in the incident.
    • Extras– Additional extras like car rental excess and disability cover are also worth looking into if you’ve got the extra cash.

What’s not Included

      • Driving dangerously or riding a bike without a protective helmet or a license.
      • Any medical care that is required because of brawling or engaging in martial arts, which is a popular sport in Thailand.
      • Leaving your valuables unattended and vulnerable to theft.
      • Failure to heed travel and terrorism warnings when travelling.
      • Engaging in high-risk activities like water rafting in the great Phang Na River, or scuba diving down Koh Tao. While these activities might be fun and adventurous, they also carry a lot of risk and danger, which makes them ineligible for cover.
      • Pre-existing health conditions.
      • Stolen or lost items that have been unreported for more than 24 hours.

Saving on Travel Insurance in Thailand

      • To get the best travel insurance Thailand, search for travel insurance Thailand online to compare prices and get great deals.
      • Specify your destination as ‘Thailand’ instead of generally saying ‘Asia.’
      • Purchase an annual policy that covers you for multiple trips throughout the year to get discounted premiums.
      • Pay an increased excess in order to get a reduced premium.
      • Book a joint policy if you’re travelling as a family, group or couple to save a few extra dollars.

Safety Speed Dial

Here are some helpful contacts that you should have when you travel to Thailand:

    • Australian Consulate
      Jinda Charoen Konsong
      236 Chiangmai-Doi Saket Road
      Chiang Mai, Thailand
    • Australian Embassy
      37 South Sathorn Road
      Phone: 02 344 6300
    • Tourist Police
      999 Nong Prue Bangplee
      SamutPrakan, 10540|
      Phone: +66(0)2-134-0521

What if I get injured?

Different Insurance companies cover different things, find out which companies cover what.

What if I lose my stuff?

Unfortunately in some countries your belongings can go missing, read about each companies claim process.

What if my flight is cancelled?

See what other Australian's have to say about each Insurance Companies claim process

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