Do I have to take out travel insurance for my holiday?

No you don't. But in saying that, it is a really good idea as you never know what can happen. Legally, you are not required to have travel insurance.

What is excess?

Excess is an amount of money charged if you make a claim with an individual provider. Keep in mind that excess is charged per event.

Can I change the excess on my policy?

Yes, you can alter the amount of money covered which will result in paying less excess.

Oopsy, I'm already overseas and forgot to buy insurance, is it too late?

Most proviers don't like it when you apply for travel insurance after you have left for Australia. However some do, be sure to do your research.

Can I buy one way travel insurance?

Yes you can, but it isn't as easy as getting return insurance. We recommend asking your provider for more information.

Which travel insurance company do you recommend?

We do not recommend a single company. Have a look through user reviews & see what fits you best!

How much do travel agents and airlines charge for travel insurance?

Be careful when you auto-select travel insurance through travel agents and/or airlines as they tend to charge up to 50% commission on the price of the policies they sell. Buy direct and don't pay for convenience.  We recommend you read reviews for each travel insurance company before deciding on one!

Do I need travel insurance if I am heading on a cruise or a domestic cruise?

Yes! Many people don't realise that even if you're on a cruise in Australian waters you need cruise cover. Once you have left port you are no longer covered by Medicare or your usual health insurance provider. Be sure to check with your provider.

How do I find out about Government warnings on travel destinations?

Visit for the latest travel advice and warnings from the Australian Government. You can even register to receive updates for your chosen destinations.  On each of our destination pages we have a link to the appropriate countries current travel alerts.

Are my details secured if I purchase online?

Yes, insurance companies are very stringent when securing your details. Ensure the site you choose has HTTPS active on their site.

What are my cancellation rights?

This depends which provider you go with. Most provide a 2 week cooling of period where you can cancel your policy.

How is my policy delivered? When will my documents arrive through the post?

Insurance companies typically send this information to the email address you chose to use when signing up.

When does the cover begin and end on my policy?

Check with your insurance provider. This will be provided on your Insurance Certificate.

I'm going overseas for two years, what policy can I buy?

There are some insurers that will cover this, we recommend 1Cover, Columbus Direct, Easy Travel Insurance, Fastcover, Insure and go (subject to approval), Simply Travel Insurance, TID and Worldcare.

Are the prices see per person, or per policy?

In most cases the policy is per person, depending on how many people you include in your quote.

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