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With over 25 years of experience in the travel insurance industry, Cover-More offers comprehensive and reliable travel insurance for both local and international trips, with features like 24/7 international emergency assistance, free cover for dependents under the age of 21, as well as cover for senior travellers. Underwritten by Zurich Australian Insurance Limited.

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Cover More FAQ's

How many people can one policy cover?

You can include up to 6 people in your cover when purchasing the policy online.

Is there a way to reduce or remove the excess on my policy?

Yes, you can choose to reduce your excess to $0 by choosing the ‘Buy Out’ option online, but then you’ll have to pay a little more on your premium.

Are cruises covered?

Yes. You’ll be covered from shore to ship. Just make sure to select ‘Pacific’ when choosing your destination, even if the trip is going to be on Australian waters.

Do kids get free cover?

Yes, and get this; there’s no limit on the number of children that you can add to your cover for free. The only condition is that they must be your biological children or grandchildren, under the age of 21 years, and they must be unemployed at the time of the trip.

Are there any extras that I can expect from my policy?

Certainly! For one, you can increase the cover limit for individual items in your luggage to $4,500 per item and $7,000 for multiple items, plus you can increase the amount on your car hire excess to $3,500 as well if you want.

Four Fast Facts

No age limit

Multi trip age limit Under 65

Multi trip duration 90 days

Luggage cover $750 per item limit

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