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Pre-existing medical

The holidays are a great time to unwind and get away from the worries of everyday life. However, a pre-existing medical condition might make it impossible to have a...
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Pregnancy travel insurance

Your long awaited holiday is almost upon you. Planned well in advance to avoid complications and to ensure a smooth, hassle-free trip, the one eventuality that you ...
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Cheap Travel Insurance Guide

Taking out travel insurance should be a simple, seamless and quick process, so that you can get on with your trip knowing that you’re covered for any unexpected e...
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Annual Travel Insurance Guide

If you’re frequently flying and travelling around the world throughout the year, then annual travel insurance is probably the most convenient cover option that wi...
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Schoolies Travel Insurance

The next thing you should do after booking your flights and accommodation is to take out travel insurance cover that’s tailored specifically for schoolies. Most i...
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Seniors Travel Insurance Guide

Travelling is one of the greatest pleasures in life and for most people, the freedom and opportunity to see the world only comes after retirement. If you’ve just ...
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Cruise Travel Insurance

Holidays come in a variety of forms and one of the most popular these days is the cruise holiday. Whether you are planning a two-week luxury cruise, or just a short...
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Ski Travel Insurance

Are you planning on enjoying some fun local or overseas skiing adventure this winter? Consider taking out some travel insurance to cover you in the event of an unex...
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Travel Insurance For Over 80s

Getting insurance cover for over 80s can be a challenge because there are very few providers who offer cover for senior citizens in this age group, and those that d...
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Travel Insurance For Over 70s

These days, there are plenty of insurance brands that offer cover for travellers aged 70 and above, but most of these providers place certain limitations on the cov...
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Travel Insurance For Seniors With Pre Existing Medical Conditions

Travel insurance is available for senior citizens with pre-existing medical conditions, but the catch is that it comes with certain conditions and limitations. For ...
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Travel Insurance For Visitors To Australia

Australia is home to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, forests and wildlife, which makes it a wonderful place to enjoy a resplendent balance of natural ...
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Traveling With A Disability

Having a disability doesn’t have to be the end of the world when it comes to your travelling adventures. Sure, it might take a bit more planning than usual, but a...
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Travel Insurance Cover for Adventure Activities

While all travellers have different tastes and inclinations, it’s safe to say that relaxing on the beach and sipping cocktails is not everyone’s idea of a fun t...
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