From the year 2006 up to now, the number of Australians that travel to the US each year has literally doubledregardless of the distance. About 1 million Aussies visit the US each year, and visa is not required. Some of the most popular USA cities among Aussies include New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Las Vegas, Washington DC and New Orleans, to name but a few. Part of the allure of the USA to visitors is the sheer diversity of destinations that it offers, from small quiet towns with natural gems to big cosmopolitan cities that are some of the world’s leading capitals.

However, travelling to the USA is not all roses all the time, which is why it’s important to get travel insurance that’ll protect you in the event of any unforeseen risks.

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You will need a Visa before entering the USA

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This varies on where you are going in the USA


No vaccination is needed before going to the USA

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Do research on where you are staying in USA, the weather varies depending on your destination

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Why Do You Need Travel Insurance When Going to the US?

Unfortunately, accidents happen even when you’re on holiday. You might get food poisoning or come down with fever. You may even get involved in an accident or get injured while doing an adventurous activity. Whatever the case, you’ll want travel insurance to cover your medical bills because medical cover in the USA can be very expensive. Even minor scratches and accidents can cost upwards of hundreds of dollars.

Medical evacuation costs are even more expensive, ranging from $75,000 to $95,000, and the Australian government doesn’t assist with medical expenses that are suffered while traveling to the US, so you’ll want to consider that as well when looking for a good travel insurance package. On the other hand, travel insurance safeguards you against any financial risks that might result from your travels,and all at a very small financial cost to you. In fact, by making a small payment towards your USA travel insurance, you can get cover for lost or stolen luggage, medical expenses, travel delays and even theft of personal belongings.

Prepare Yourself

With travel insurance, you can rest assured that you’re financially insulated against unforeseen events such as natural disasters, which are quite common in the US nowadays. Particular regions of North America for example, are prone to natural disasters like hurricanes, earthquakes, fires, blizzards, tornadoes, volcanoes, landslides, floods etc. So you’ll want to stay prepared by getting a policy that includes provision for natural disasters as part of the cover, just in case you happen to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.

A good example of such cover would be a comprehensive travel insurance package from Australia Post, which takes into consideration the delays caused by snowstorms and similar natural disasters, thus providing you with a relevant financial cover in the event of a cancellation because of these events.

Take Precautions when Traveling

It’s wise to check up-to-date websites and other reliable sources for weather warnings that might affect your trip to the USA. Websites like The Smart Traveller provide to-the-minute information on weather and travel warnings from countries all around the world, including the US. The Department of Foreign Trade and Affairs also provides travellers with relevant warnings and useful information on what to do when using public transportation, how to avoid pickpocketing, as well as being aware of the crime level of the particular areas that you visit.

It’s also a good idea to register your personal and contact details with the Department of Foreign Trade and Affairs before you depart so that they’re able to contact you or your next of kin in case an accident happens, medical or otherwise. Generally, it’s always good to travel smart and get as much information as possible about the destination you’re headed for, so that you’re sharp and alert while enjoying a good time. Travel insurance only adds to the security that you feel when travelling abroad.

Best Travel Insurance USA

There are different types of travel insurance packages to choose from when travelling to the USA, from basic student travel insurance USA, to packages that are tailored for seniors, couples and even families and groups. There’s also medical travel insurance USA, which gives you unlimited medical healthcare cover in case of health emergencies (except existing health conditions), as well as multi trip travel insurance USA, which can save you a lot of money by making provisions for multiple trips throughout the year at a discounted rate. It’s like purchasing in bulk, except it’s for insurance.

On the other hand, basic international cover is the cheapest travel insurance USA. It includes overseas dental and medical care, and even financial cover for disability and death. International Comprehensive travel insurance is the best health travel insurance option in USA which includes cover for lost luggage, travel delays, theft of belongings etc. Just be sure to compare travel insurance USA in order to get an affordable but sound insurance plan for your unique needs. Also, keep in mind to thoroughly read the Product Disclosure Statement to understand what your cover entails and what it doesn’t.

Safety Speed Dial

  • USA State Tourism Offices
  • Australian Embassy Washington D.C.
    1601 Massachusetts Avenue NW
    Washington DC
    Metro: Dupont Circle / Farragut North
  • Australian Consulate General in New York
    Australian Consulate General
    150 East 42nd Street, 34th Floor
    Tel: +1 212 351 6500
  • Australian Consulate General in Los Angeles
    2029 Century Park East, Suite 3150
    Los Angeles CA 90067
    Tel: +1 310 229 2300
  • Australian Consulate General in Chicago
    123 North Wacker Drive, Suite 1330
    Chicago IL 60606
    Tel: +1 312 419-1480

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