Travel Insurance For Over 80s

Getting insurance cover for over 80s can be a challenge because there are very few providers who offer cover for senior citizens in this age group, and those that do are often very expensive. That’s mainly because to them, senior travellers over the age of 79 come with compounded risks like being the likeliest to make a claim or that you’ll require higher medical expenses or have to cancel due to declining health.

On the other hand, travelling without insurance is not a good idea either, because it’ll place you in a financially compromised position if something does happen during your trip. The best thing you can do is to invest some of your time in doing research about different insurance brands that provide cover for seniors, and compare the cost and benefits of each.

How Will a Pre-Existing Medical Condition Affect Your Travel Insurance?

Many senior travelers are prone to suffer from health conditions like cancer or a heart condition, which can make it very difficult to find cover because most standard policies don’t include pre-existing conditions in their cover. While it might seem tempting, you shouldn’t omit details about your pre-existing conditionin order to get a more affordable premium, because this might cost you dearly in the long run.

The good news is that there are a few insurance brands that cater to older travellers, specifically those with pre-existing conditions. They start by examining your medical history as well as your claims history, and then will tailor your premium according to those factors.

Alternative Travel Insurance Options for Over 80s Travellers

Some insurance providers offer very competitive multi-trip premiums for seniors over 80s, especially because most people over 80s have the freedom to travel for longer periods of time to different destinations a year. That said, you might need to do some digging in order to find insurance providers that offer multi-trip annual policies for over 80s because they are far and few in between. Sometimes the best way to cut costs is to base your multi-trip policy on one continent (like Europe or North America) instead of making it a worldwide multi-trip policy.

How to Save Money on Over 80s Travel Insurance

Instead of relying on your travel agent to include your travel insurance in the holiday package, do your own research to make sure that the cover matches your needs. Also, don’t be shy to get quotes from multiple insurers that cater to over 80s, and read the fine print on anything you find online to ensure that it’s the right cover for you.

Travel Advice for the Over 80s

  • Be sure to get any medical shots, treatments or vaccinations that are required before your trip in order to decrease your health risks. Don’t forget to check the NHS website for any health risks associated with the country you’re travelling to so that you can take the appropriate measures.
  • Consume alcohol moderately and make sure you wear flight socks or compressions stockings during your flight.
  • Avoid deep vein thrombosis by doing some movement and drinking lots or water during the flight.
  • Use the sanitizing gel dispensers that are made available to you on cruise ships so you can reduce the spread of illness on the ship.
  • Always renew your passport well in advance, and check the visa requirements of your preferred destination well before the date of the planned trip.
  • Always have a copy of your passportkept separately from the original document, as well as another copy at home, just in case you lose your travel documents.

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