Travel Insurance For Seniors With Pre Existing Medical Conditions

Travel insurance is available for senior citizens with pre-existing medical conditions, but the catch is that it comes with certain conditions and limitations. For example, most health providers have an age limit for certain health conditions that they cover, and they don’t accept travellers that have experienced complications with their pre-existing conditions, regardless of their age.

Read on to find out what a pre-existing medical condition is, and which conditions are typically covered by insurers.

What’s a Pre-Existing Medical Condition?

The term ‘pre-existing medical condition’ basically refers to any ongoing medical condition that you are aware of, and seeking medical treatment for. You may still be showing symptoms for this condition and you may also be taking medication for it as prescribed by a medical professional and perhaps you’ve even had a surgery performed as part of a treatment for it in the past 12 months. Certain dental conditions, as well as pregnancy, are also considered to be pre-existing medical conditions. Keep in mind that pre-existing medical conditions don’t just apply to the person who’s purchasing the insurance cover, but also to their travelling companion.

What Typical Pre-Existing Medical Conditions Are Covered?

Examples of pre-existing medical conditions that are usually covered include asthma, diabetes, high cholesterol, osteoporosis, incontinence, hernia, congenital blindness, cataracts, high blood pressure and congenital deafness. Most of these conditions are automatically covered, but some do have limitations. For example, travellers with diabetes can only be covered on condition that their diagnosis is over 12 months, has not caused complications like eye or kidney infections, and doesn’t include hypoglycemia or hypertension. Other providers will cover travellers with high blood pressure only if they don’t suffer from additional ailments like diabetes or cardiovascular diseases.

What Pre-Existing Medical Conditions May Not Be Covered?

Most travel insurance providers will require you to complete a medical assessment, which they will analyze thoroughly before they accept or decline your application for coverage. In most cases, the following conditions are not covered by insurance providers; cancer, mental illness (i.e. dementia), heart failure, as well as conditions that require the intake of blood thinning drugs. You’re also not likely to get cover if you’re awaiting surgery or suffer from a terminal illness that requires you to carry a supply of oxygen during your holiday.

It’s important to keep in mind that insurers differ and that some provide cover for a wider spectrum of pre-existing medical conditions than others. The only way to determine if they cater for your condition is to read their policy documentation, specifically the Product Disclosure Statement.

Compare Different Seniors’ Travel Insurance Quotes

If you’re having a hard time finding cover for your specific pre-existing medical condition, don’t despair. You still qualify for normal cover, and you can choose a premium that covers all your other expenses. The only thingsthat you won’t be covered for are any expenses related to or exacerbated by the pre-existing medical condition that you suffer from. You always have to get prior approval from your insurer in order to get medical expenses cover for anything related to your pre-existing medical condition.

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