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Zoom Travel Insurance Insurance Reviews

Zoom Travel Insurance is committed to providing reliable travel insurance that gives you a peace of mind so you can enjoy your chosen travel destination. Their policies include free cover for dependents under the age of 21 years, multi-trip policies, and 24/7 international emergency care.

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Zoom Travel Insurance FAQ's

How many people can one policy cover?

You can add up to 25 people to one policy.

Do kids get free cover?

Certainly! All dependents under the age of 21 get free cover, on condition that they travel with a parent or grandparent during the trip, and are not in full-time employment.

Will I still get cover if my tour company goes under?

No, Zoom Travel Insurance will not reimburse you for any expenses that are caused by an insolvent tour operator or accommodation provider.

Are there any extras that I can look forward to in my cover?

Yes. They have a wide range of extras like golf cover, snow sports cover and even cycling cover for you to choose from. You’re also given the option to increase the cover for individual items in your luggage up to $750 per item.

Is there a way to reduce or remove my excess?

Yes, and all you have to do is pay a fee of $100 to remove the standard excess of $200.

What’s the individual trip limit on their multi-trip policy?

It’s between 15 days to 45 days for each individual trip.

Is there an age limit for purchasing a Zoom Travel Insurance policy?

Yes, the single-trip cover is only available to travellers under the age of 85 years, while the multi-trip cover is only valid for travellers under the age of 69.

Four Fast Facts

No age limit

Multi trip age limit Under 65

Multi trip duration 90 days

Luggage cover $750 per item limit

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