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No Worries Insurance Reviews

As their name implies, No Worries travel insurance is aimed at ensuring that you enjoy absolute peace of mind throughout your journey. They offer different levels of cover, with policies available for travellers of up to 84 years of age; and kids are covered for free when travelling with a parent or grandparent. Their cover also comes with 24/7 international emergency assistance.

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No Worries FAQ's

Do kids really get free cover?

Yes! You can add two kids for free per one paying adult in your policy.

Are cruises covered?

Yes, just make sure to select ‘Pacific’ when choosing your destination, even if the trip is going to be in Aussie waters.

Will I be covered if my tour operator goes bankrupt?

No, unfortunately No Worries Insurance does not cover expenses that are caused by an insolvent tour operator or accommodation provider.

Is there an age limit to purchasing cover from No Worries Insurance?

Yes, both the multi-trip and single-trip policies are available only to travellers under the age of 84 years.

What is the maximum duration allowed for individual trips taken within a multi-trip policy?

Each individual trip within your multi-trip policy should last no more than 60 days.

What extras can I expect from my policy?

Well, you can extend your trip if you wish to, and you’re allowed to increase your luggage limit to $1,000 per individual item.

Who are they underwritten by?

No Worries Insurance is underwritten by Lloyds of London.

Four Fast Facts

No age limit

Multi trip age limit Under 65

Multi trip duration 90 days

Luggage cover $750 per item limit

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