Travelling From Perth To Broome – Our Journey

Perth to Broom is quite a ride to be extremely modest about it. The shortest route will take about 24 hours to and is 1,392,5 miles long. But just plain getting from point A to B that is hopefully not the traveler’s goal when taking upon this scenic route. Given the longitude and the jawdropping scenery one must come to terms with not being able to cover all the sights worth mentioning,Perth a place where it all starts must be mentioned boasting as the rest of Western Australia primarily natures beauties but clearly has plenty of man-made draws ,so you can either enjoy the swan river, nearby cultivated beaches or take a stroll among the skyscrapers.

Our next destination Nambung national park is a unique place with monumental natures creations made of rock of which some reach astounding 3 meters in height. Kalbarri national park is the next pitstop even though the term is definitely not adequate considering its shire size and extraordinary content consisting of impressive rock formations Nature’s window and Murchinson gorge, to also mention that the location is well fitted for kayaking. Westernmost point of Australia Shark bay is full of sandy beaches and is a UNESCO world heritage site for a reason, for the most part, having a spectacular marine life with a large sea cow population along with the obvious tenants after whom the site got its name from Mammals of many kinds are endemic around here naming a few: Banded-hare wallaby and Western barred bandicoot.

Next up can be Kennedy Range National Park scattered with mini Ulurusus, an excellent place for just letting go of all your troubles and contemplate in silence beneath the stars. Coral Bay and the Ningaloo Reef is a beautiful stop on the oceans shore and is known for having a good chance to spot a whale either from the shoreline or take a boat ride for you to take a chance up close. Karijini National Park will captivate you with its waterfalls among all the authentic Australian redness. Finally arriving to Broom you will encounter an Aboriginal history packed settlement along with stunning beaches to go along.  That sums up our Perth to Broome tour!


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