Price of Homes in Brisbane, Australia

How Expensive are Houses in Brisbane?

Brisbane is a city near the coast of Australia. Brisbane is the capital of Queensland. The city is located on the Brisbane River. The city is home to over 2 million people. The real estate market in Brisbane is booming, with a variety of properties for buyer’s to select from. There are all different types of homes in Brisbane, from modern to extravagant.

The price of homes in Brisbane varies depending upon a few factors. For example, if the property is larger, the price will be higher as well. Breaking down homes into categories will help to determine the accurate price range. Each price range comes with different amenities, features and benefits.  Before buying, make sure you get a building inspection in brisbane.

There are different levels of homes in Brisbane. For example, some homes are more conservative while others are more extravagant. The average price for a home in Brisbane is anywhere from $450,000 AUD and $900,000 AUD. The price varies greatly depending upon the specifics of each home. For example, some homes are marketed as luxury, with city skyline views, marble countertops, large panoramic glass windows and state of the art appliances. It is important for each buyer to consider what fits in their desired price range and which amenities they would like to have.

The Amenities

Every home has different features. For example, a home on the lower end of that price range will have features such as 2 baths, 2 bedrooms, laundry in unit, living room, dining room and a full kitchen. The home will be more modest in terms of quality. There are many ways to ensure you receive the best deal when browsing homes in this specific price range. As stated previously, homes with a large price tag will have more amenities such as skyline views and higher-quality finishes upon purchase.

The Neighborhood

Often times safer neighborhoods also come with a larger price tag. Brisbane is similar to other cities around the world, with areas more wealthy than others. For example, among the wealthiest suburbs of Brisbane, a home will most likely be higher on the price list. Browsing more than one home is the best way to find a neighborhood that suits your preferences best.

Brisbane Compared to Other Cities

In comparison to other cities in Australia such as Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide, Brisbane is not overly expensive. The homes in Brisbane are adequately priced for the area. Residents of Brisbane can enjoy the coastline of Australia as well as beautiful weather all year round. There are many benefits of living in Brisbane including entertainment, restaurants, school system, community and social life.


Homes in Brisbane greatly vary in price based upon square footage, amenities, neighborhood and more. It is important to view many homes before making a final decision and search for the best deal possible. The city has a lot of positive qualities and is a great place to start a future. Finding the right place for you and your family is the best way to enjoy all Brisbane has to offer.


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