Most Popular Travel Destinations for Australians

Australians are known all over the world for their interminable wanderlust. They absolutely love to travel! Not only are they world explorers, but they’re also quite avid local tourists, and there always seems to be some new destination that draws Australians a little bit more than the others each season.

On today’s article, we’ll be sharing with you a list of the most popular countries that Australians like to visit, according to data released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). These countries are not only jam-packed with natural attractions and adventurous activities, but they also enable Aussies to manage their money better when overseas.

New Zealand

New Zealand is a long-time favorite destination among Aussies and for good reason. Not only is it very close to Australia, but it also offers a plethora of picturesque attractions like beautiful secluded islands, national parks and waterfalls, as well as the adventure packed Queenstown, and the culturally eclectic Napier in Hawke’s Bay. However, what makes New Zealand an ideal destination for Aussies is the fact that the Aussie dollar can stretch quite far here, and there are plenty of ATM’s from prominent Australian banks for you to withdraw money from, while debit and credit cards also work effortlessly.


The number of Australian tourists travelling to Indonesia has seen a tremendous 223% increase in just a few years. Bali, particularly, attracts Aussies of all ages and tastes, from schoolies on spring break to nature-loving young adults, and families that want to explore its unique beaches and landscapes.

Experts recommend bringing quite a bit of travel money with you when you visit Indonesia, as the Indonesia Rupiah is not supported by travel money cards. However, normal credit cards and debit cards work just fine in big cities like Jakarta and Bali.


Out of all the states in America, Aussies seem to prefer Hawaii. Of course, there’s plenty to see and do in Hawaii, from exploring its famous volcanoes and waterfalls to chasing its massive waves. Plus, there’s also a wide variety of accommodation to choose from, including five-star hotels and resorts as well as cool Airbnb’s and one of a kind coastal resorts where travellers can go relax and reenergize. Apart from the high conversion fees, transacting in Hawaii is really easy for Aussies and most credit and debit cards are accepted.


The UK has an endless array of sights to satisfy all types of travellers, including avid fashionistas, history buffs, nature lovers and elite jetsetters.

Although most credit cards from prominent Aussie banks enjoy free withdrawals in the UK, it is still a good idea to take both your cards and some cash for the sake of convenience.


The number of Aussie travellers visiting Thailand has increased by a whopping 194% this past year, thanks to the destination’s endless appeal, which includes unspoiled beaches, bargain shopping, and superb hospitality.

The best part about visiting Thailand is how easy it is to transact there. The Thai Baht is supported by most travel cards, and some ATMs will even waive withdrawal fees for cards like the NAB Traveller Card, so it’s a really easy destination to travel to if you’re Australian.


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