Five Music Festivals Worth Travelling For

Heading to a festival overseas is a pretty incredible experience. The weather is warm, the vibes are fine and the revellers are always happy to meet travellers there to enjoy the festivities of their country.


The world is replete with music festivals worth making the venture for, and many are most certainly worth splashing out for. Travel Insurance Reviews thought we would share with you five of our favourite festivals worth taking out that built up annual leave over, or just pacing the job in altogether.


  1. Primavera Sound

A music festival in one of the world’s most vibrant cities? Sure, why not..? Held in Barcelona over the increasingly toasty period of May to June, Primavera Sound plays host to incredibly eclectic lineups, even playing host to The Beach Boys’ legendary frontman Brian Wilson performing the classic album Pet Sounds in its glorious entirety. This year the festival boasts the humble names of the Arctic Monkeys, Lorde and Tyler, the Creator, just to name a few.


  1. Lollapalooza Argentina

Lollapalooza is a name synonymous with good times, good music and good people, and the Argentinian edition is no exception. If enjoying the stunning beauty and energy of the nation’s capital, Buenos Aires, wasn’t enough to make you grab that cheap Air New Zealand flight across the Pacific, the festival itself brings in some of the best artists to grace its majestic stages. This year’s lineup featured the Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Killers and Pearl Jam, how does that cross-Pacific flight sound for next March?


  1. Coachella

The festival that simply doesn’t need no introduction, especially when it’s become almost as famous for celebrity Instagram shots than its music (something we are not particularly a fan here of but hey, the crowds like it). Yes, Coachella is the unchallenged beast of global music festivals, the legend, basically the one that most people wish they had the cash to attend but simply do not. You might have recently read about Beyonce’s ultimate performance there, and if that’s not enough to make you want to use that annual or even quit for next year’s instalment, we’re not quite sure what is…


  1. Fuji Rock

Japan is renowned for being a music-mad country. In fact, they even boast the title of having the most vinyl stores in the world, something other music-mad people travel specifically for. So it goes without saying they would also have a pretty damn decent festival on offer for music pilgrims to attend. Fuji Rock, which took its name from its first edition, held ad the base of Mount Fuji, is a music connoisseurs rite of passage. The event hosts massive names from across the globe, as well as a host of amazing local acts. This year’s event, held in late July (get on it) features the likes of Bob Dylan, Kendrick Lamar and N.E.R.D, not bad for starters…


  1. Mawazine

The Moroccan festival, also known as Rhythms of the World, is the largest on the African content, and features some equally large names. With the likes of Wyclef Jean, Cristina Aguilera and Iggy Azalea all gracing the stage, you can be sure this incredible celebration of music and culture will always feature a versatile lineup. On top of this, Morocco is an incredible place to visit in general, so don’t hesitate.


Go On, Get Your Groove On

One of these incredible festivals surely has you thinking about ditching work, study, a family reunion, whatever, so pack your sneakers you care least about getting wrecked and make your way over to one of these absolute pleasures to the ears.


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