5 Hottest Travel Destinations to Visit in 2018

So much goes into planning a vacation, whether it’s a road trip to a local getaway or an indulgent vacation to some far away country. However, choosing a destination is often influenced by others, from family and friends that tell us about a destination that they went to, or from our favorite bloggers showcased via Instagram.

It seems like each year brings with it a number of new destinations to explore, from newly built private island resorts designed for relaxation to traditional destinations that have been revamped to cater to a more adventurous crowd. Whatever your tastes, we’ve got you covered with our list of must-see destinations for you to explore this year.

Zhangjiajie, China

Zhangjiajie is a heaven for nature lovers and is a destination for those that are looking for something new instead of the usual skyscrapers of Shanghai or the cultural buzz of Beijing. Here you’ll find an abundance of lush forests that cover impressive sandstone column strictures which belong to the Wulingyuan Scenic Area. Inside the columns are beautiful and unique caves that are surrounded by scenic waterfalls, winding rivers, and a profusion of flora and fauna.

Zagreb, Croatia

The Zagreb city in Croatia offers a wide range of attractions to suit both young and old travellers, from hip and happening night spots, to stunning ancient Gothic churches and 18th century Austro-Hungarian architecture. All through the cobbled streets you’ll find quaint cafes and restaurants, as well as superb art galleries that exhibit local and international artists alike. An all-season destination, Zagreb enthralls visitors with a winter wonderland display at Mount Medvednica during the cold months, while the seaside villages come alive during the summer with celebratory lakeside discos and charming family picnics.


Iceland is often touted as one of the most magical places on Earth and it’s not hard to see why. There’s probably nowhere else in the world where you can experience healing geothermal springs alongside humongous waterfalls, ancient ice caves and iceberg lagoons, tectonic plates that you can snorkel between, massive glaciers, and of course, the legendary Northern Lights! Iceland is a timelessly enchanting destination with attractions that have the ability to leave you enthralled and totally relaxed at the same time.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is becoming very fast a favorite among the world’s wave chasers, as its tropical beaches offer the opportunity for superb surfing and swimming. However, Sri Lanka is also known for the historic Galle Fort, its mystic tea plantations, abundant wildlife and of course the mountain temples in the Kandy region. Thanks to its warm tropical weather, Sri Lanka is a popular destination for hosting and attending wellness retreats, and its convergence of cultures means that travellers get to experience a wide variety of authentic Asian fusion cuisine and an eclectic array of cultures.


Taiwan boasts natural splendor of epic proportions, with lush rolling hillsides, quiet lakes and springs, as well as enormous gorges that are enshrouded in lush forests. There are also towering sea cliffs that overlook serene blue ocean water, and natural parks with plenty of water features and hidden temples.

However, most tourists visit Taiwan for its exquisite cuisine which includes a fusion of Chinese style markets and Japanese fare that’s only bested by the real thing from Japan. Taiwan is also one of the best destinations for hiking, camping, tea sessions and nature viewing

How To Find A Good Holiday House On Hamilton Island

Hamilton island homes are the perfect homes away from home. A good house is there for everyone at an affordable cost. Luxury family-friendly apartments with relaxed environments will make your holiday memorable. As the fact of life stands to be that not everything will please every human. We have useful tips in this article that you will need to have when choosing a home which will please you. There are many reasons why you will get to love Hamilton Island holiday Homes and we will be letting you know our tops tips.

The facilities you need
Every visitor has an objective on what the rented house should have. Also to make sure that your holiday is enjoyed to the maximum you need to get a house which will not compromise on your demands. The facilities that will be available should be also easily accessible through the legal process should be followed. Many Hamilton holiday homes will be giving you the majority of the facilities you will be needing like the Wi-Fi connectivity and even the cool beaches.

Every time you visit a place get to know how secure it is. After ensuring the safety of your travel you should also ensure that the destination will be safe for you to enjoy the holiday. A good holiday home in Hamilton Island should be well secured from intruders and the guards should be well equipped. You should stay in a house that will not make you worried each moment.


Is the accommodation pet or child-friendly?

Most of the holiday periods you will need to take your child since you have been having a busy work schedule. A good holiday house on Hamilton Island should be able to accommodate your kid if you happen to be accompanied by one. The pet should have its accommodation too, not so much isolated from the place you will be staying.


As humans, we obviously need to eat. More so that delicious meal we like most during the holiday visit. To get a good holiday home on Hamilton Island you should consider where you will be getting your food, it should be a place where hygiene is to the standard and delicious and quality food is cooked.

Why you will love Hamilton island holiday homes

Hamilton holiday homes have a wide selection. You need to spot the best house that will maintain you throughout the period you will be out. The sizes come on the big range and they are suitable for every one of whichever age. They are the most comfortable homes which are fully equipped with the current modern home utilities. The surroundings are relaxed and if you try to walk around you won’t get lost.