Best International Travel Destinations for Schoolies

So, you’re finally finished with school, which means you can now relax, party hard, and enjoy one of the best weeks of your life in style. What better way to jumpstart your passport to freedom than by getting a few international stamps on your actual passport? Yep! There are plenty of international destinations that are totally suitable for schoolies, and they’re awesome as well.
Check out our top destination picks below:


Thanks to its idyllic location, Fiji enjoys year-round beautiful weather, sandy beaches and offers a wide range of affordable adventure activities like paragliding and scuba diving which are a great way for you to unwind. There’s also a multitude of accommodation options to suit different tastes and preferences, while fun tour packages tailored for schoolies are available at really affordable rates.

Must-do activities in Fiji:
Enjoy some time underwater by taking a few scuba diving or snorkelling trips, or even get an internationally recognised scuba diving certificate from some of the best divers in the world! Just be sure to take your GoPro with you to immortalize your underwater encounters.
Beach-hop throughout the islands dotted around Fiji to enjoy some of the most beautiful scenery you’ll ever come across in your life. Yasawas and Mamanucas are two of the best islands to visit if you want to experience the best of their white sand beaches.
For your parents: Fiji is quite a safe holiday destination with very few risks, and it provides a very welcoming atmosphere for schoolies, plus there’s access to good healthcare should your child need it. Just be sure to pack some mosquito repellent in your schoolie’s baggage to protect against dengue fever, and remind them to only drink bottled water while they’re on the island.


The big island of Hawaii is a sought-after holiday destination that offers numerous attractions such as big-wave surfing beaches, gorgeous waterfalls, abundant rainforests and foliage, as well as stretches of isolated beaches for you and your mates to enjoy.
Waikiki beach, specifically, is a great option for first-timers with great parties and natural attractions in equal measure. If you love to dance, then you’ll enjoy the enchanting drums which are definitive of traditional Hawaiian music, while the white sand beaches will have you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated throughout your stay. And since surfing is one of the island’s most popular attractions, surfing lessons are available so you can get to go home with some new mad skills. While it doesn’t offer a lot of tour packages for schoolies specifically, it’s still a great destination to visit when travelling with a group of friends.
Must-do activities in Hawaii:
Take part in a fun and exciting Hula show. These include hula hoop dancing to the beat of the Hawaiian drums in front of a massive beach bonfire. It’s a great way to let your hair down.
Experience a once in a lifetime hike up the Kilauea active volcano which has a lush rainforest, stunning waterfalls. You will have the chance to see flowing lava in real life!
For your parents: Hawaii is a pretty safe destination without risks, but healthcare is quite expensive, so take out comprehensive travel insurance for your schoolies to cover them for emergencies. The best part is that the legal drinking age in Hawaii is 21 years, which means that your schoolie is less likely to imbibe while on the island.


With its terraced rice fields, lovely beaches, abundant wildlife and exotic party scene, Bali is definitely the place to be if you want to really have a great time in your schoolies vacation. While it’s a short international flight away from Australia, you’ll be presented with an entirely different world that’ll leave you with unforgettable memories and legendary holiday snaps.
Apart from the great party scene, Bali has some amazing attractions available for culture and nature buffs, including ancient temples that feature Instagram-worthy architecture, resplendent waterfalls and an unlimited range of tour package options, most of which are designed by schoolies sanctioned tour operators.

Must-do activities in Bali:
Catch a sunset on the beach. Pick a charming location along the shore where you can enjoy one of Bali’s signature experiences – the legendary sunsets.
Take a yoga class or two. Bali is known the country of Yoga, and there are literally dozens of yoga studios to choose from that offer all types of yoga practices, from hot to hatha to acro yoga. So grab your mat and give your body the much needed yoga-inspired TLC.

For your parents: Bali is a country with really strict laws, so be sure to run over the most important ones with your schoolie before they leave, and remind them to stay out of trouble and be respectful to everyone. Also, take out travel insurance for them in case of a medical emergency because while the healthcare in Bali is improving, it still has a lot of room for improvement before it resembles what’s offered in most first-world countries.

Well, there you have it; our top schoolies holiday destination picks. Whichever one you choose, just make sure to stay safe, party responsibly, look out for your friends, get some relaxation in, and enjoy yourself to the max!