Is Credit Card Travel Insurance Reliable?

The answer is very simple; no, and here’s why. While most banks offer complimentary travel insurance with their credit cards, their policies are usually very basic, and thus do not come with the cover benefits needed for a trip. Unfortunately,… Read More


The Best Travel Insurance for Your Smartphone

Smartphones make travelling so much easier, as they enable you to perform several tasks at once, such as making hotel reservations, booking flights and taking cute holidays pictures with your travelling buddies. However, most smartphones are not shatterproof or even… Read More


Top Mobile Apps to Use When Travelling

Thanks to fast technological innovations, modern travellers no longer have to rely on dodgy translators, traveller’s checks or paper maps on their trips. These days, there’s an app for literally everything, from the app that helps you plan your trip… Read More


Best International Travel Destinations for Schoolies

So, you’re finally finished with school, which means you can now relax, party hard, and enjoy one of the best weeks of your life in style. What better way to jumpstart your passport to freedom than by getting a few… Read More


How To Find A Good Holiday House On Hamilton Island

Hamilton island homes are the perfect homes away from home. A good house is there for everyone at an affordable cost. Luxury family-friendly apartments with relaxed environments will make your holiday memorable. As the fact of life stands to be… Read More

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