Price of Homes in Brisbane, Australia

How Expensive are Houses in Brisbane? Brisbane is a city near the coast of Australia. Brisbane is the capital of Queensland. The city is located on the Brisbane River. The city is home to over 2 million people. The real… Read More


Most Common Tourist Scams in Thailand You Should Avoid

The ‘Land of Smiles’, as Thailand is known, should be the on the wish list of all travellers and holidaymakers with its rich culture and beautiful island beaches and luxury resorts - at what most would consider dirt cheap prices.… Read More


5 Hottest Travel Destinations to Visit in 2018

So much goes into planning a vacation, whether it’s a road trip to a local getaway or an indulgent vacation to some far away country. However, choosing a destination is often influenced by others, from family and friends that tell… Read More


Best Drones Of 2018 For A Great Travel Film

If you're constantly on the move and love making videos about your travel journey, you will know how important it is to have a trusty drone companion with you at all times. We have extensively used these drones in order… Read More


Is Credit Card Travel Insurance Reliable?

The answer is very simple; no, and here’s why. While most banks offer complimentary travel insurance with their credit cards, their policies are usually very basic, and thus do not come with the cover benefits needed for a trip. Unfortunately,… Read More


The Best Travel Insurance for Your Smartphone

Smartphones make travelling so much easier, as they enable you to perform several tasks at once, such as making hotel reservations, booking flights and taking cute holidays pictures with your travelling buddies. However, most smartphones are not shatterproof or even… Read More

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