Best Drones Of 2018 For A Great Travel Film

If you’re constantly on the move and love making videos about your travel journey, you will know how important it is to have a trusty drone companion with you at all times. We have extensively used these drones in order to test them out and compile our list of the best drones of 2018 for making a travel film. Before we get to our list, let’s look at the criteria we used to select them:

– size: travel drones need to be compact, handy and portable
– quality: every inch of video captured needs to show the true essence of the place, hence quality is of paramount importance
– battery life: while constantly on the move it’s great to have a drone with a great battery life so that we don’t have to carry spares with us at all time.
– ease of use: we might not always get the time to shoot the best footage due to several restrictions so we should be able to do the best we can with the time we have. Ease of use of the drones is extremely important.

Let’s look at the best drones of 2018 for making a travel film

1) DJI Mavic Pro
One of the best drones in the market and not just for making travel films, the DJI Mavic pro surprised us by how good it actually was. Unpredictable winds in the ‘Outback’ caused us to lose control of this drone crashing it into the sand, but it not only escaped unharmed, it worked like new. Great durability, excellent range, and a high-quality video camera give it top marks in every category. The Mavic Pro is also super compact and easy to lug around as you move from location to location. Definitely, a thumbs up for this drone.

2) DJI Inspire 2
A proper filmmaking quality drone with excellent high-quality video capture, however, it is also one of the most expensive drones on our list. If you are looking for absolutely professional quality video work then this is the only drone you need to choose. A small drone weighing in at only 3650 gms. It also has the free gimbal mode to control the pitch and pan motion of the drone but this does require two users.

3) Parrot BEBOP 2
We had to include this in our list of the top travel drones because of its immense popularity in our country. This is strictly an entry-level drone but it does an admirable job of capturing 4K video at 1080p at 30fps. The Parrot Bebop 2 only weighs in at 500 gms, which makes it one of the lightest drones available on the market. It’s pretty quick in the air and strong enough to handle some spectacular crashes. It is also the most affordable option on our list and if you’re looking for a great drone with spectacular features at an affordable price, this should be your pick.

4) DJI Spark
If you are looking at a mid-budget high-quality drone to make your travel film then you would have to pick the DJI Spark. Marketed as the sibling of the Mavic Pro, the DJI Spark is the more affordable alternative to the quality drone market. It’s small and lightweight making it easy to carry around wherever you go. It has a great battery life, it is gesture control compatible making it extremely easy to use and had a great camera which allows for some stunning visuals.

In a market currently dominated by DJI do you think we missed on some great drone models? If so please do let us know so that we may add them to our list. Which drone model makes your top for travel films?


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