Lotus Caravans Our Review

We finally got our Lotus Freelander Caravan and we were pretty happy with our purchase. In fact, we did not have any difficulties whatsoever when it came to driving up and down rocky roads. Yes, you will encounter those roads one way or the other. As a result, we were pretty confident with it no matter how extreme the conditions were. In fact, we would trust it especially when we bring the entire family along with the elders and babies to each trip. Their customer service team are easy to deal with. Their sales team are always supportive even if we already purchased the Lotus Caravan. Yes, we would love to take the vehicle to wherever we wanted to. It is such a joy to drive and I would feel confident about having new drivers drive it. I really wish we could use this vehicle a lot more than what we did.

We have yet to encounter any major or minor problems with the Lotus Caravan. A few weeks later and everything is running along smoothly. We are still happy with our purchase and we could not recommend the vehicle to any person any more than we did. It has a lot of features that would make your next trip pretty fun. Their technicians sure know their vehicles like the palm of their hands. When I asked them a few technical questions, it did not take long for them to respond with the answers that I needed. I would advise rinsing this beauty regularly so it would benefit you a lot moving on. When it is time for an upgrade, I would not hesitate to buy another one. However, I am pretty confident that won’t be until a pretty long time because of how the Lotus Caravan withstands all the outside factors.