Three Delectable Culinary Destinations for 2018

One of the great joys of traveling is the experience of trying out the different cuisines on offer around the world. With travel becoming more accessible many cities have emerged as culinary hotspots. Certain dishes which may have once seemed well, taboo, are now on the minds and pallets of travellers eager to try the weird and wonderful gastronomical creations this great world has to offer.

We have compiled a list of the top three culinary destinations for 2018, one that is sure to entice your tastebuds and have you searching for the next flight to one of these centres of outstanding deliciousness.


Lima – Peru

The beautiful city of sun, surf and endless culture has also consistently emerged over the years as a location food lovers simply can’t get enough of. From the tantalising tastes of ceviche: fish marinated in citrus juices, herbs and peppers, to the more adventurous “cuy”, fried or roasted guinea pig (often served in compromising positions) and, of course, the delicious refreshment of the Pisco sour, Lima has an outrageous abundance of fascinating and utterly mouthwatering delights and delicacies on offer.


New Orleans – United States

You know a city is blowing up as a culinary hotspot when other cities begin to recreate their cuisine in trendy cafes and restaurants. One city with the menu other cities try to emulate but only merely imitate is that of New Orleans. “The Big Easy”, as it is otherwise known, has easily staked its claim as a centre of scrumptious offerings created by chefs with pride in the traditional Cajun and Creole stylings of Louisiana.

The dish most commonly recognised as a favourite and absolute must eat in New Orleans is without a doubt gumbo: a rich stew consisting of seafood, chicken or andouille sausage, cooked with okra and served over rice. You can find this incredibly hearty stew all over “The Big Easy”, but this doesn’t mean it’s the Louisianians solo gastronomical pride and joy. Po boys, an overstuffed sandwich that really fills up one’s belly, jambalaya, a traditional rice dish that really gets the tastebuds going, and the absolutely scrumptious crawfish etouffee, New Orleans really has the goods when it comes to down-home, amazingly delicious Southern cooking.


Hanoi – Vietnam

Hanoi is as captivating city as it is incredibly fast-paced and bustling. This can at times be overwhelming and even downright tiring, and when one has become tuckered out from the endless pace and hustle of the city it is time to sit down and enjoy some of the aromatic and delectable culinary options available of this most incredible Vietnamese city.

From bun cha, a dish consisting of fried pork patties, vermicelli noodles, fresh herbs and dipping sauce, to the ever-enjoyable pho, a wholesome soup consisting of either pork, chicken or tofu in a hearty broth served over vermicelli noodles with coriander, mint, lemon and chilli, to the famous banh mi, considered by many to be the world’s best sandwich, Hanoi is a must for lovers of all things fragrant and tastebud-tingling.


Get Stuck In

So, if any of the above-listed delights have got you excited for a voyage of extravagant feasting, don’t hesitate in booking your next flight to where these wonderful culinary creations await you.

Whilst you’re at it, ensure that you have the right insurance by utilising our travel insurance comparison, you never know when you’re going to need it.

Popular Tourist Scams and How to Avoid Them

Whether you’re traveling or not, being the victim of a sophisticated (or less so) scam is a damn nuisance. Not only can it harm your wallet, or worse your identity, but the hatred you end up harbouring for the unseen scammer is a frustration anyone can do without.


It’s a sad reality that in certain places these dirty con artists, grifters, tricksters, but let’s just blanket them as pests to society, target travellers. When travelling you are more susceptible to these snakes in the grass, and they know it, too.


Different scams are in more commonly in operation in different tourist hotspots, and Travel Insurance Reviews is here to shed light on a few of them, so that you know what to look out for and how to avoid these dodgy dealers.


Faulty Cab Metres

Cab drivers across the globe are known for pulling this cheeky move on unsuspecting travellers. Most commonly occurring near airports and bus terminals, where travellers have freshly arrived, may not properly understand the currency and taxi rates, and they will inform the traveler that their metre is faulty or broken, before charging you an extortionate amount for the fare.

How to avoid: Always negotiate rates with cab drivers before getting in the taxi. Better yet, avoid getting in the taxi with said “broken metre” drivers, it is more likely than not they are trying to pull this silly old trick on you.


The Closed Hotel

We don’t mean to keep ragging on the world’s taxi drivers here, but if they didn’t keep pulling these tricks we simply wouldn’t have to! This one involves your faithful taxi driver informing you that the hotel you have booked is either closed or overbooked (but you already booked there?). This is so that they can take you to an alternative, where in actuality they receive a big old commission from your wonderful new hotel for them taking you there.

How to avoid: It never hurts to contact your hostel to ensure that, yes, they are open and that your booking is intact. And, whilst you’re at it, ask if they arrange airport transfer or have recommendations for transport to their location.


The Free Bracelet “for You, My Friend”

Many scammers will approach you offering you a free bracelet or something similar, and chat with you in a friendly manner whilst doing so. However, at the completion of the friendly, “free” gift, they will begin demanding that you pay them something, and if you refuse they will usually first begin questioning why you don’t want to help them “your friend”, before even becoming aggressive. It’s unfortunate, because they seemed so lovely and nice at first, gah…

How to avoid: Simply don’t allow any of these fake friends to put anything on your body, walk away in a courteous manner, reciprocating their false niceness. They may try and hassle you a little further but you just have to step up, don’t take their nonsense and ditch them.


The Friendly Guy Who Wants to Take You to Your Destination

This isn’t an outrageous scam, but it’s bloody annoying… It also usually occurs at places tourists frequent, such as bus terminals. If you look like you’re lost and don’t know where to go, you will often be approached by a person who knows exactly where to go. They hassle you to tell them your destination in, for example, the terminal, and they will force you to follow them there. You know where this is going – at the completion of your friendly walk to your destination the person will then demand money for the service, in the same manner as the aforementioned bracelet scam, it’s a real pain.

How to avoid: Simply tell these jokesters you know exactly where you’re going and that you don’t need any help. They might kick up a little fuss like the bracelet guys, but once again, don’t give in to their sad little scheme…


Insurance is Pivotal

Make sure you have the proper insurance to handle any of the outrageous scams some of these menaces try and play on unsuspecting travels. Compare at Travel Insurance Reviews and find the plan that will deal with any stresses that may arise from falling victim to one of these pests, you never know when it will happen…